Issue of Farmers Killing Themselves and Farmer Strikes

Description: Farmers Strike

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Issue of Farmers Killing Themselves and Farmer Strikes


Post by Guest » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:31 pm

I feel the demands placed by farmers are unethical.

When a farmer farms, he doesn't farm for the welfare of other people. He does it to earn profits. If he couldn't make profitable farming, that I assume is completely due to his incompetency to adapt new technology or apply a better strategy.

We have all the technology and strategy in India to suffice the needs of whole India and export to other countries. We lack implementation due to most farmers being unaware or incompetent to adapt these technologies.

I completely understand that this is a sensitive topic and I shouldn't be blunt towards this issue. However, my opinion is the strike is completely wrong and is being provocated by opposing political parties.

Survival of fittest is what would apply to farmers, doctors, entrepreneurs or anyone. Everyone does his share for society only if he is incentivized enough.

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